The cast recording captures the essence of 1970s rock music.

The show (Bliss Street Musical) was fantastic. The Director’s (Lissa Moira) job of combining all the traditional elements of music and dance and in this case beautifully realized natural acting, and the videos and stills and special immersion effects was Herculean in a short Off Off Broadway rehearsal period. Blaize Adler-Ivanbrook as Charlie was so believable moment to moment. Thomas Deen Baker got right into my heart with his touching performance as Cliff. Jef Canter and Alyson Reim were pitch perfect as Paul and Mina Sub. Sarah MacDonnell as Ethyl was pure delight.

Iva Lane, producer/TV actor with appearances on series such as Deep Space Nine, and Lou Grant

Bliss Street is phenomenal, and on the night I saw it Sarah MacDonnell stepping into the role of Ethyl, was spectacular.

Robin Leslie Brown, classical actor and one of the Founder’s of The Pearl Theatre.

Found Bliss Street an amazing treat for eye and ear. Great music by Charlie Sub and an outstanding professional production. Sarah MacDonnell as Ethyl was outstanding.

David Barish, musician and television personality

Great show, kudos to Lissa and everyone involved.

Peter Welch, filmmaker and actor

I was mesmerized. Not only was the show beautifully cast and directed by Lissa Moira, but the virtual set was breathtaking “ Marlain Angelides was very strong as Ethyl, a true rock star. I was not prepared for the Holocaust depiction – it hit me in the gut

Bill Bradford, writer, Hi Drama

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