Dive into the heart of New York’s 70’s Rock & Roll scene with “Bliss Street,” a musical presentation that celebrates the era’s vibrant history. Chronicling the life and establishments of Paul Sub, a pivotal figure in the music landscape, “Bliss Street” echoes the debuts of legendary bands at Coventry on Bliss Street, such as Kiss, The Ramones, and The New York Dolls. 

Penned by the talented Abra Bigham and inspired by Rich Brotman’s concept, the musical interlaces Paul Sub’s legacy with his son Charlie’s musical odyssey in the transformative era of the 60’s and 70’s.  Featuring songs from Charlie Sub & Sound Dogs, the audience is set to experience a rich tapestry of authentic rock ‘n roll vibes. Further fueling the excitement, an album boasting songs from the show is set to be released, encapsulating the essence of the musical and providing a tangible piece of New York’s vibrant musical past. 

This, combined with our community, digital network and in-person events, creates a rich, immersive experience that connects audiences to the heart of New York’s iconic music scene.


Paul Sub’s Popcorn Pub, which later became Coventry, was an iconic venue in Queens, NY. With a holding capacity of 700 people in its 5,000 square feet, it became a pivotal spot for several emerging acts in the 1970s.

Coventry hosted a slew of renowned bands including KISS, The New York Dolls, The Ramones, Blondie, Sam & Dave, The Dictators, and Elephant’s Memory. It’s notable that even iconic bands like Aerosmith sought to play here.

At a time when cover bands were the norm and had numerous venues to perform in, Coventry became the haven for original music acts. Paul Sub’s dedication towards promoting fresh talent played a crucial role in launching the careers of many bands who would later become household names.

Paul Sub’s venue witnessed the first live performance of KISS, a band that would later become legendary. Despite the minimal audience during their first show, the environment nurtured by Sub was instrumental in encouraging new and original talent.

Joey Ramone, initially known as “Jeff Starship,” frequented Coventry with his first band, Sniper. This venue was all-embracing, letting various artists express and develop their craft.

Paul Sub

Paul Sub’s influence on the New York Glam Rock and Roll music scene was nuanced yet profound. While he played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of this vibrant genre, his impact extended beyond just the music industry. His Jewish heritage brought an additional layer of depth to his contributions. As a leader not just in music but also as an entrepreneur, particularly in real estate alongside his son, Paul demonstrated the multifaceted talent and resilience often seen in the Jewish community. His journey in the arts and business sectors not only carved a path for his family but also served as an inspiration within the Jewish community, highlighting the diverse and significant contributions of Jewish individuals to pop culture and beyond.

Charlie Sub

Charlie Sub (Music and Lyrics) found his passion in music and rock bands early on, a common thread for many youths in the early ’70s. His journey began in high school, where he balanced helping out with the family business at The Coventry, a renowned rock club in Queens, with forming his own band. From scraping gum off the dance floor to tuning his guitar, Charlie’s life was steeped in music from the start.

After spending a year in college, Charlie moved to Los Angeles, seeking new horizons. However, he encountered creative roadblocks in his music career, leading him to pivot to residential house renovation and flipping houses, pioneering trends that would become mainstream. Returning to the East Coast, Charlie continued to navigate the real estate world, focusing on retail residential, commercial ownership, and sales. His projects were diverse, ranging from developing sustainable housing near Harrisburg, PA, to establishing summer camps for autistic children and young adults in MA.

Despite these ventures, music remained a constant in his life, and he continued to perform with his band, Charlie Sub & Sound Dogs. Eventually, Charlie channeled his entrepreneurial spirit into the nightlife scene. He established himself as a continuous nightlife entrepreneur with a deep-rooted love for music and community. This led to the opening of his 70s-themed bar and restaurant, Ethyl’s, on the Upper East Side in 2016, followed by Ethyl’s Williamsburg in Brooklyn in 2021.

His own music, a testament to his enduring passion and creativity, formed the backbone of the Bliss Street musical. Charlie’s journey is a vivid tapestry of entrepreneurial ventures and a lifelong dedication to music, culminating in a legacy that continues to influence and inspire.

Bliss Street Musical Spring 2023

Special thank you to Crystal Field, Lissa Moira, and Theater for the New City staff for championing original, experimental musical theater for works like ours. We were deeply honored to be at Theater for the New City. 

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