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Upcoming events.

Join us in a series of intimate gatherings dedicated to the profound appreciation of music that is the heartbeat of Bliss Street. Each event is a unique celebration of community, legacy, and originality, weaving together a tapestry of unforgettable experiences. Delve into the rich history and contemporary vibrancy of our music. Explore our upcoming Bliss Street Musical schedule and be part of a legacy that cherishes the true artistry of sound.

Bliss Street: The New Era

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Dive into the heartbeat of an iconic time, now reborn. Our latest album, “Bliss Street: The New Era,” infuses the untamed spirit of ’70s rock with the nuances of today’s sound, crafting a musical journey that bridges decades. Experience the resurgence of New York’s rhythm with a release that celebrates the legacy and innovation of a revolutionary era. Listen Now.

About Bliss Street.

A Legacy. A Revolution. A Future. Bliss Street Musical is more than music; it’s a story of a family’s journey through New York’s most exciting times. Born from the legacy of Paul Sub, a child of immigrants who lived the American dream, and carried forward by his son Charlie, Bliss Street embodies the spirit of perseverance, originality, and the magic of the 70s. Join us as we bring together the past and the future, creating a new chapter in the saga of rock and roll.

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The Soul Behind the Sound.

Meet the diverse group of talented artists behind Bliss Street Musical. Each member brings a unique flavor to our music, from gritty guitar riffs to soulful vocals. Get to know the faces that are reigniting the fire of New York’s rock scene.

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Experience a Bliss Street Show.

A Bliss Street Musical show is a journey through time. Each performance is more than just music.  They are a blend of storytelling, community, and an atmosphere that buzzes with the energy. Expect to see a fusion of lights, sounds, and an experience that leaves you wanting more.

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